Medentech is committed to driving a significant positive health impact globally by improving access to safe drinking water and reducing surface/environmental contaminations by developing, manufacturing and marketing cost effective disinfection solutions.


Medentech is headquartered in Wexford, Ireland with distribution agents in over 60 countries worldwide. The Company develops and markets products in 4 segments:

  1. Water Purification/Water Disinfection
  2. Human Healthcare- Infection Control
  3. Animal Healthcare-Infection Control
  4. Special Product Development.

The Company began in 1984 in Waterford, Ireland with the development of a fast acting and effective effervescent tablet, Sterinova, as a portable, easy to use disinfection solution for infant feeding bottles.


The Company’s commitment to research and development and a passion for developing and marketing superior products resulted in the Company experiencing constant growth since its humble beginnings. Now customers include Global players like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Schering Plough, Bayer and the World's top aid agencies.

Today, its Aquatabs brand of rapidly dissolving tablet is one of the best known and most respected names in point-of-use water purification globally and is used to disinfect billions of litres of water every year. Its Klorsept brand of surface disinfection tablet is used to disinfect critical surfaces in operating theatres around the world. In addition to Sterinova, the point of use surface segment includes a range of specialist products for niche applications such as Inovotabs, Aquasept, and Agrisept.


    Our Products

  • Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets
  • Human Health care Infection Control Products
  • Animal Health Care Infection Control Products