About Mirza Traders

Mirza Traders is Rawalpindi based Company registered in 2009.
Ms Mirza Traders is Sole Importer and Distributers in Pakistan for Aaquatabs and other infection Control Products Manufactured by Medentech Limited Ireland.
Mirza Traders Sells Aquatabs at retail Pharmacies in all Pakistan through Local Distributers .we also sells Aquatabs to all leading international Aid Agencies including UNICEF, WHO, OXFAME, Muslim Aids, Islamic relief and many others.
We Provide Special Discount to Registered NGO’s and other Humanitarian Aid Agencies.
We sell Aquatabs to Armored Forces and other Government Institution.
Company Details
Company NTN                          3375278-8
GST #                                         23-00-8421-001-55
Member Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and industry
Registration #                          AM-3576
CEO                                           Mirza Ghafoor Ellahi


    Our Products

  • Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets
  • Human Health care Infection Control Products
  • Animal Health Care Infection Control Products