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According to Pakistan National Conservation Strategy waterborne diseases like typhoid, giardiasis, intestinal worms, diarrhea, cryptosporidium infections, gastroenteritis represent 40%. Infant’s deaths because of diarrhea is 60% which is highest in Asia.Sanitation problems in major cities is very complex since sewerage waste mixes up with water bodies and even infect drinking waterpipelines that can create medical problems.

The Best way to filter water in Pakistan and make it 99.9% Germ free at domestic level is water chlorination. Aquatabs are world’s best and WHO recommended tablets for the disinfection of water tanks. Aquatbs are chlorine based tablets which kill germs and make water safer for drinking. Also, because of the presence of active agent Traclosene Sodium (NADCC) it can readily dissolve, disinfect water and make it safer for drinking. According to WHO aquatabs are the best and most effective tablets in preventing all communicable diseases.

Product Ranges

Aquatabs are world’s best chlorine tablets that are used from small to large scale in household applications. 33mg tablets disinfect water in jugs, and pitchers. While on daily basis water is stored, used, consumed and utilize from dispensers and coolers which is disinfected through 67mg aquatabs tablet.

Level of Chlorine in Drinking and Domestic consumption:

WHO has already standardize the minimum level of chlorine in water. WHO recommended : safe chlorine levels in drinking water @2ppm/liter – 5ppm and same level is adjusted for tank chlorination tablets.

Aquatabs also treats industrial water purification as it is water filter tablets that sterilize water.

How chlorine is tested in water ?

Chlorine is natural filtration in purification of water as it removes all microbial organisms. For domestic water filter system – WHO has recommended water chlorination system. The minimum amount of chlorine required for disinfection of water and water purification is checked by testing chlorine in drinking water. . Chlorine kits and chlorine strips are used.

Aquatabs are GMP (Good manufacturing product), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), WHO (World Health Organization) and NSF. the National Sanitation Foundation certified, UNICEF (united nation international children education and fund), IFRC international federation of red cross, International Committee of Red Cross(ICRC),North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), OXFAM Oxford Committee for Famine Relief International World,MSF,National Rural Supports Programme (NRSP), Islamic Relief (IR), Muslim Aid, Pakistan Army and in various other United Nation peace mission. That is the reason why it is the best , the most effective and the cheapest source of drinking water treatment tablets in the world.

Also in Pakistan Aquatabs are available at reasonable prices as it reduces the cost of boiling and energy consumption. Aquatabs 33mg tablet can treat 5ltrs of water with just 7/- Rs.Aquatabs granules are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pool and large water reservoirs.


Chlorination plants is also used in industrial water purification system

Types of water purifier

Reverse osmosis (RO)

Reverse osmosis systems$200 – $4,200,Ultra FiltrationOn average, expect to pay about $2,000 to install a filtration system, including labor and materials,Activated Carbon,Basic carbon filters can be installed for about $100.Aquatabs are cost effective even in Pakistan. Per unit cost of gas Up to 1 hm3 per month: is 30Rs per month while the unit cost of aquatabs is just Rs. 7. That not only saves energy but also environmental friendly. Approved by EPA Environment protection agency USA.  

Types of  Water purification

Boiling (cheapest and safer but expensive in Pakistan because of soaring energy prices)

Filtration ( Cost ineffective)

Chlorine purification tablet – Cheaper than all sources because 10liters of water can be purify with just RS 10.- see aquatabs 67mg


Best way to filter water in Pakistan is water chlorination. It is used in


Pool Water cleaning tablets

Kill germs in tap water, ideally safer for usage in bathroom, kitchen and other domestic consumption

Drinking water – coolers, tanks, jugs, and other water storage – as it contains active chlorine in the form of traclosene sodium (NACC)

Industrial water purification system through chlorination plant.

Water tank cleaning

So what are you waiting for. Buy Now world’s best chlorine tablets.