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Peacekeeping & Defence

Aquatabs® are water purification tablets used by NATO, Pakistan Army, British army, French army, German army, Russian army, American Special forces, Indonesian army, Singaporean army, Finnish army, Polish army, Canadian mounted police and many more defence and peace keeping forces around the world.

Aquatabs® for fast treatment of water

Dosage is in accordance with published specifications for emergency use at 5 mg per litre chlorine.

  • Aquatabs 8.5mg 1 litre of water
  • Aquatabs 33mg For 5 lt of water
  • Aquatabs 67mg For 10 lt of water
  • Aquatabs 167mg For 20 lt of water
  • Aquatabs 1.67g For 200 lt of water
  • Aquatabs 8.68g For 1000 lt of water
  • Aquatabs Granules For all volumes greater than 1000 litres

All tablets have a 30 minute treatment time.