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Poultry & Livestock

A well-run farm is the first step in food safety. High-quality milk and meat require healthy feed and straw as well as clean water and a complete hygiene protocol in order to avoid sources of contamination. Lawmakers are also increasingly requiring prevention strategies and coordinated hygiene management. From hoof cleaning and disinfection to products for milking hygiene to equipment cleaning, we are your partner and adviser. In addition: We will gladly provide on-site support for using products safely and sustainably.


Improving animal welfare while maintaining yields: our integrated protocol for stable hygiene:

Large suppliers increasingly want to offer their customers meat without preventative antibiotics while keeping stable mortality rates low.This is one of the reasons why Anti-Germ has developed an integrated stable hygiene protocol. The results are animals with strong immune systems and fewer infections, and consequently fewer antibiotic treatments. As the starting point, cleaning is a key factor in the success of disinfection. The non-chemical treatment of mites and beetles – for example on poultry farms – is particularly important. In order to move away from pesticides, Anti-Germ has developed a new solution to this problem, thereby reducing pollution and pesticide resistance. Treating drinking water with Aquatabs is also a worthwhile investment in the health and productivity of your animals.

Aquatabs: worthwhile prevention for improved animal health

Healthy animals need healthy nutrients, but experience has shown that in many cases, even drinking water is subject to risks. For example, when biofilm grows in drinking troughs, it contaminates the water. How can you notice such risks in time? This is one of the reasons to use our Aquatabs to purify drinking water. These tabs, millions of which are used every day, disinfect drinking water with chlorine compounds which destroy the cell walls of germs. The results are evident in your bottom line: Better, slightly acidified drinking water prompts animals to drink considerably more. This leads to higher milk yields in cows and better health, better feed conversion and, as a result, increased weight gain for all animals.

We invest in ecological advantages.

We develop and produce most of our products ourselves. Wherever possible we reduce environmental effects while still maintaining our high standard of quality. Ask our specialists about Anti-Germ’s growing portfolio of eco-friendly products with certificates, such as the FiBL [Research Institute of Organic Agriculture] emblem, that are recognized in your country. That said, environmental responsibility has less to do with any sort of eco trend than with forward-looking company policies that benefit our customers. More and more large companies are adding their own environmental standards to further improve on statutory provisions. As part of their compliance management systems, companies such as discount supermarkets and dairies expect their suppliers to maintain similar environmental standards, above and beyond what is required by law. That’s why Anti-Germ’s strong investment in sustainability is good for our customers.

Biocide manufacturing: Play it safe with Anti-Germ

As a manufacturer of biocidal products, we’re a recognized partner for industry and wholesale. Our products are approved and nationally registered or, if necessary, we will submit the necessary EU approvals in a timely manner. This allows us to offer you with reliable support during the approval process. We will, of course, provide you with a “Letter of Access” where required.