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Frequently Asked Question

Why Chlorine Tablets are added in Water ?

Chlorine is a gas which kills all pathogens and micro-organism especially against bacteria, viruses, protozoans and algae. With a prescribed amount in water it not only purify water by killing germs but also untreated chlorine evaporates from water in the form of gas. As chlorine is gas at room temperature.

How Aquatabs purify water ?

Chlorine in aquatabs kill microorganisms, and at the end unreacted chlorine evaporates from the water.

Traclosene Sodium (NADCC) is the principal compotion of aquatabs which is effective against Cholera, Typhoid, and Nagleria.

How to use chlorine tablets for the purpose of making it germ free ?

use 1 tablet of aquatabs 33mg in 10liters of water and leave it uncover for 30 to 40 minutes. After that it can be used for any purpose like drinking and other domestic consumption.

Similary, use 67mg, 500mg, and 8.68gm tablet for 20litrs, 150litrs and 2500litrs of water respectively.

How aquatabs protect us from harmful bacteria or viruses ?

Traclosene Sodium in aquatabs is the unique formula which kills all germs and bacteria in virus.

Why choose Aquatabs ?

Aquatab is imported from Medentech, Ireland. Which is recognized by WHO, ISO Certified, GMP approved and used internationally all across the world.

How often chlorine tablets should be used?

Depending on the amount of the consumption, use 8.68gm of tablet in tanks as follow:

Use Aquatabs 8.68gm tablet in a tank 3 times in a week

USe Aquatabs 8.68gm tablet in a tank 2 times in a week.

Note: depending on waterĀ  consumption it can vary. For further information call or whats app 0305 5535865

Is there any harmful affects of aquatabs ?

There is no harmful effect of Aquatabs as it is approved by WHO. and used by many international organizations.

Why Chlorine tablets have disagreeable taste & odor ?

Chlorine has little punguent smell and order and when it dissolves in water it leaves smell and ordor.

What are the uses, benefits & safety of aquatabs ?

Aquatabs disinfects water, purify it and make it usable for drinking.