Food Safety

Aquatabs Food

aquatabs food safe for the purification of vegetables and fruits

It is essential to have good food hygiene if you are making food to sell or consume on your premises. Good food hygiene is concerned with reducing or eliminating bacteria.

AQUATABS – Water purification tablets are the best, cheapest and alternate solution of this problem. It is water disinfectant tablets.

The benefits of good food hygiene practice can be listed as follows:

  • Prevents serious illness
  • Reduces cost by preventing food spoilage.
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination.
  • Promotes a safe working environment.
  • Helps pest control.
  • Provides a good image for your business.
  • Complies with legal requirements.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces, chopping boards and equipment before food preparation commences will stop bacteria spreading on to food.